All the features of voip system of our sulution

Full Service Setup

Configuring 3CX and Twilio requires expert skills in networking and phone provisioning. We have server templates ready to launch and can get your system running in a few short days. You can bring your own 3CX license key or we can resell it to you. If you need desktop phones, we sell Yealink and particularly like their T4 Series.

Reliable Backups

We fully manage the backing up of your 3CX server. Backups run nightly onsite and offsite for complete protection. The backups are stored offsite encrypted in two different geographic areas. We also offer a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for you existing onsite 3CX server.

Custom Twilio Programming

Optional programming can be created to support Text/SMS and Fax Relays. Text messages can be configured for each phone number to either forward to email or a mobile phone. Faxes are delivered as PDFs via email. Using Twilio, phone numbers must dedicated as either voice or fax (one number cannot be both).

Phone Provisioning Support

It is recommended to install the 3CX SBC software in your local network. The SBC acts as a proxy server between the hosted 3CX server and the phones in your office. If you have not already purchased phones, we recommend Yealink. They have a great feature to value ratio and look great too.

3CX is a software-based IP PBX that supports VoIP SIP Trunks. The software is licensed by concurrent calls not by the number of extensions. Their solution is fully featured and has a modern interface.

Twilio's Elastic SIP Trunking is the best option for most companies. They provide unlimited capacity on a single trunk. Most other SIP providers treat each SIP trunk as an individual "line". Twilio has a global reach and provides exceptionally competitive call rates.