As a Zabbix specialist, you not only get an enterprise ready monitoring system and access to community monitors, scripts, and templates, you also get expert support and over a decade experience with the worlds best open-source monitoring system.


With low level discovery we automatically detect and monitor any changes to your environment, from additional network interfaces on a virtual host, or a new database created on a Windows or Linux server.
Automation is a key factor in the success of any monitoring system, and it's a focus for BlueDot's monitoring experts. Continuous development, continuous improvement. We are always looking to improve how we monitor, and develop the ability to expa


A primary support contact for the life of your contract who has the knowledge to deliver the best solutions for your business, and work with you to ensure your company and data are secure and you are getting maximum value from our relationship.

SQL Server Performance Analyzer

Stop guessing. Drill down with the SQL Server performance analyzer tool so you can pinpoint the root cause of poor Microsoft SQL Server performance.

Key Features

-Intuitive performance analysis
-Blocking and deadlock analysis
-Workload and index advisors/recommendations
-Anomaly detection powered by machine learning
-Query performance analysis
-Real-time and historic monitoring
-Collaboration across teams